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Welcome to South Gate Driving and Traffic School, where thousands of confident drivers have graduated from! If you are ready for an excellent start to your driving future, we can get you started here right away. We offer a mix of experience, professional dedication and great programs that you will not find anywhere else. Earning a Driver’s License is a privilege that brings you mobility and freedom; however, it is also a great amount of responsibly when it comes to someone’s safety. And us being professional driving instructors, we do not forget that! We make a real difference in people’s life every day. We bring valuable experience that will last you a lifetime with our continuous knowledge, proprietary teaching techniques, and a tremendous reputation in this industry. Choose South Gate Driving and Traffic School! We not only make driving fun and easy, we make it safe!



South Gate Driving & Traffic School offers this, For adults and minors     

  • Orientation to the car and all controls.
  • 3 parts of correct seating adjustment.
  • Properly adjusting and using all mirrors.
  • Smooth starting and stopping.
  • Control forward and backward in close spaces.
  • Visual scanning and search patterns.
  • Right turns, left turns and U-turns.
  • 3-point turnabout.
  • Residential area driving.  
  • Light city traffic, business districts.
  • Parking lot and parallel parking.
  • Uphill/downhill parking.
  • Freeway vision patterns and speed management.
  • Defensive driving techniques.
  • A strategy for staying safe.
  • Instrucciones en Español
  • and more...

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